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For senior students, succeeding at fundamental math is a cornerstone to expanding their educational and occupational options. The rates at which students are able to progress through fundamental math vary, and for some achieving a basic understanding of math is challenging. Students who exhibit persistent difficulties with understanding the first level of fundamental
math skills were the focus of this course.

Vedic math was chosen as the instructional method for a three week course with students who are enrolled in senior vedic math course. It was hypothesized that a different approach to teaching and learning math may result in an
improvement in student success and in students’ perceptions about learning math.

Students experienced more academic success and increased confidence and enjoyment while learning math skills. Overall, results suggest Vedic math is an approach worthy of further exploration.

Why should Learn Vedic Maths?

  • Helps solve calculation problem 10-15 times faster.
  • Reduce burden on students & reduces scratch work and figure counting .
  • Improves Logical & analytical thinking
  • Save huge amount of time & that can be used for answering more questions.

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      Benefits of Vedic Math

      Calculation Simplified

      For children who are not good at mathematics, solving maths is a hard challenge, but they have to solve the questions, so that vedic mathematics simplifies their fight and offers them a means of solving the questions easily.

      Retrieve Formulas and Steps

      Many of the mental capacities are used to remember the major calculations steps and formulas. However, the easy way out of vedic mathematics involves minimal efforts to recall the steps and formulas. Concentration and memory power are also worked on by Vedic math.

      Improve the ability to fix any number

      Vedi Mathematics offers you the tricks to solve any difficulty. It improves the ability to solve cube, cube roots, square roots and squares problems.


      By using the left and right sides of a brain, vedic mathematics increases our creative side. Vedic maths enable the children to resolve the complexity of the matter in a new manner.

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      Learn the most important concepts in a way that can make a difference to the children and help them in both Maths & Life!

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