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What is Vedic Mathematics?

Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthayi, who later became Govardhan Puri’s Shankaracharya, discovered a set of 16 mathematical formulas in the Vedic mathematics. While these formulae are mathematical, they are mostly word formulae. Swamiji used Vedic as an adjective for his formulation discovery because Vedic represents the head of knowledge for fountains.

Is Vedic Maths learning helpful in academics?

With a new approach, Vedic Maths helps kids learn math. It supports brain sharpening, improves class performance and supports competitive examinations.

My child doesn't likes maths. Is Vedic mathematical going to change it?

Children find Vedic mathematics a refreshing way to learn by taking simple steps to solve complex problems to improve their trust.

My child's good in math already. Is she/he allowed to take Vedic math?

Certainly. Even those who are good at school mathematics benefit from Vedic mathematics because it is a new approach to mental calculations.

Is Vedic mathematics interfering with school study?

No, the academic studies are not impeded by Vedic math. It gives students mentally agile and new approaches to problem solving. However, while solving school math problems, we suggest that students write down all steps and not adopt the short cuts of Vedic maths. We advise students to use Vedic mathematics to verify their solution is correct.


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